My name is Nick and with my wife, Emmalee, we are West Main Woodworking.
With four children we know how important it is for for things to be durable and built to last but that shouldn't mean sacrificing style or character.
West Main evolved from a need to source furniture that broke the mold of manufactured design, which in most cases lacks character, uniqueness and high quality craftsmanship.  My wife and I purchased our first house as newly weds in our 20's.  Like most first time home buyers, we were eager and excited to decorate, paint all of the rooms, hang up our own art and decor to make our new house a home.  When we started to search for furniture we quickly realized the quality of the furniture in most furniture stores was not going to last.  We couldn't find exactly what we were looking for.  Either the wrong size, color, shape, etc... And it was all manufactured quality, sub-par to par at best and destined for the landfill in no time.   I could build better.  I had always been building and crafting things since childhood and knew I could craft the pieces of furniture and decor we were looking for.  It would have a story behind it, and would be around for years and years to come.

  So I did. What started with a couple projects, turned into a few requests from friends and family, which has evolved into a business today.  I have had the privilege of working with clients from all over the country to design and craft custom furniture and decor for them.  Each piece with a story behind it.

  I can't do it all on my own and I am thankful to have my wife (and high school sweet heart) on my team.  She does a tremendous job handling the behind the scenes tasks from social media posts to packing, shipping and coordinating build schedules with me.  She won't admit it but she has pretty keen eye for design and has inspired some of the pieces you will see in our collection of completed projects.

As a craftsman, I have a firm belief that a house is transformed into a home by the people that are in it and their collection of furniture and decor.  The decor, styling of furniture, color palette and material choices, etc all reflect our own personalities and are a direct expression of our own creativity.   I enjoy the process of working with clients to design and craft a project that is a reflection of their style and creativity, built specifically for them.  Navigating the design phase together enables me to ensure I am crafting your vision in every aspect.


A one of a kind, truly unique piece that no one else will ever have an exact copy of. 


Like a fingerprint it is uniquely yours and always will be.



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